New series on language testing

New series on language testing

The ITT has just published Volume 1 of the new series entitled “ITT Technical Reports on Language Testing”.

The ITT Technical Reports on Language Testing present innovative methods and established procedures for the development, validation and administration of language tests in various contexts.

By combining theoretical approaches to testing with practical insights, this series aims to improve the quality and reliability of language assessments while stimulating discussion on best practice and future developments in the field.

Possible topics include language needs analyses, standard setting and benchmarking procedures, corpus linguistic studies, the development of test items, the validation of test instruments and the application of modern statistical methods on test assessment.

The target audiences for this series are researchers, test developers, publishers, educational professionals, policy makers and language teachers who wish to gain an in-depth understanding of the measurement of foreign language competence.

The ITT Technical Reports on Language Testing are peer-reviewed and open access. The ITT e. V. invites contributions and suggestions from the professional community in order to continuously enrich the series and expand on relevant topics.

Volume 1 with the title “Examining the Validity and Reliability of the Receptive German 3 Vocabulary Size Test (VST)” (Dominique Caglia & Erwin Tschirner) is now available.

The ITT Technical Reports on Language Testing are edited by Olaf Bärenfänger, Erwin Tschirner and Jupp Möhring.

We would like to thank our editorial team Lisa Lenort and Elisabeth Muntschick for their valuable support in establishing the series. We would also like to thank the Open Science Team of the UBL Leipzig University Library for their expert advice and sustainable publication of the series.